Monday, September 30, 2013

Blackjack Strategy: Exceptions to Single-Deck S-17 Basic Strategy

This appendix shows the composition dependent strategy whenever a single deck is used and the dealer stands on the soft 17. As far as I know the amount of land casinos in the world using these rules is zero. However they can be found both Manager Media and Microgaming casinos on the web. Following would be the specific rules follows.

Boss Media single-deck guidelines:

  • Single veranda
  • Dealer stands on soft 17
  • Dealer peeks with regard to black jack
  • Double after split allowed
  • Player may divided only one time
  • No surrender
  • Split aces get one cards just

Microgaming classic blackjack rules:

  • Solitary veranda
  • Dealer stands on soft 17
  • Dealer will not peek for blackjack. Player will mislay total bet against a dealer blackjack, including on doubles as well as splits.
  • Double after split prohibited
  • Player may split only once
  • No cave in
  • Player may draw to split aces

Utilizing the ordinary total-depenendent basic strategy the player advantage underneath the Boss Media rules is 0. 11%, and underneath the Microgaming rules the home edge is 0.13%. These strategies are available in my Boss Media and Microgaming reviews. The entire dependent basic strategy shows the best play in line with the total from the player's cards. However sometimes, specially in single-deck, there are exceptions based on the exact cards in the player's hand. Like all things considered it is better to stand in order to hit a 13 against a dealer 2. However a 10 and 3 against a dealer 2 it is advisable to hit. The following tables would be the composition dependent basic strategy, which is the very best play based on the exact composition from the player's hand. With three or even more cards the strategies are the same. Utilizing the composition dependent strategies on this page will lower the home edge by 0.04%, or be specific under the Boss Media rules the player may have an 0.1541% advantage.

The next tables are appropriate for the Boss Media rules. They might also be used under the Microgaming rules, except the gamer must not double on 11 or split eights, against a ten or even ace, because the dealer will not peek for blackjack underneath the Microgaming Classic Blackjack rules. Microgaming also will not allow doubling on 8.


Several player over time have found some omissions in my charts. Here are a few I could remember.

  • "Tank"
  • Scott E. (Scott statements the gamer edge is only 0. 1531% underneath the Boss Media rules)
  • Don Schlesinger

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