Saturday, October 5, 2013

Gamer Strategy: European Blackjack and No-Peek Blackjack

There are various styles of blackjack out there, and lots of them have very small rule changes that don't appear important. However, this is often set up simply to trap players who think there isn't a great deal of difference. Everyone knows that blackjack can have among the lowest house advantages out there so long as you play well, but when you play childish games that perform not have standard rules, then you take a chance, take chances of making that house advantage much larger by causing mistakes whenever you think you're actually playing correctly. Here we'll show you a number of situations to should play differently in European blackjack.

European black jack has the rule that drastically changes the way that you need to play some very important situations which are usually considered "automatic" plays by most players who know some basic strategy. The rule change is that European blackjack don't have the dealer look for blackjack whenever their up card is really a ten or an ace. While this doesn't appear to be it would change much, it actually drastically boosts the chances that you lose after putting more money in to the hand. We're going to take a look at two specific situations with this information in mind which should change how you play.

Imagine you might have paired eights against a dealer that has a ten or ace. Most of the time in many games, this is an automatic split. Major rules that most people learn in blackjack is you always split eights, but this can be a situation where that is definitely not the situation. Because of the increased chance of losing through the dealer having blackjack in these spots, it's actually far better to just hit. While it's true you have the worst of it, you really make things worse by putting in an extra bet in that bad scenario. It's effectively far better to just cut your losses since the dealer is really strong using the added threat of blackjacks.

Another situation having a similar idea is if you have a ten or eleven total against a ten or an advisor. Often you will double in some of these situations, good results . European blackjack, you need to actually never double against a ten or an ace. Extra chance for the dealer to have blackjack is a nice large deal in this game.

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